Social Media Marketing





Fair price

Facebook is the social network with the most users and the broadest demographics worldwide. While organic interactions on Facebook are constantly decreasing, you can achieve incredible results through payed advertising. Think of a target group-based advertising campaign and rely on re-marketing. An unsurprising fact: video posts produce the best results on Facebook.

The platform stands for lifestyle and energy. If you use Instagram as a company, think about which lifestyle you or your product represent and put it in the limelight accordingly. IG-Stories are also an ideal tool to give your audience an insight into daily-business life.

Most TikTok users are between 10 and 20 years old, making TikTok the network with the youngest userbase. At the moment, entertainment videos perform best – the fun factor comes first. However, TikTok requires a lot of work: to grow, you should post a video on a daily basis. Think carefully about your goal with TikTok and whether you really need it before you dive into it.

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular and advertising is (still) cheap compared to other platforms. Pinterest users are increasingly interested in lifestyle tips. For example, they’re looking for inspiration for decorative elements in their living room. Rely on high-quality photo content that stays en vogue for a longer period of time. N.B .: Everyday-stuff you would post on Facebook or Instagram seems out of place on Pinterest.

LinkedIn is the network that is used in a professional context and is therefore particularly suitable for business news or recruiting. The content here has to be high quality and work-related. Company blog posts are a great communication format for LinkedIn.

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