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We know how to bring good stories on the screen

Through Topfilm Entertainment, our branch in film & series production, we have several years of experience in the field of high quality audiovisual productions. We want to make this experience available to you so that your video productions are not only okay, but on the level of cinematic productions.


The basis for a successful video marketing campaign is always two things: I know my target and I have a good video. If these two components are in place, the correct distribution of resources on the social media platforms is important.


How do I best advertise my product? This question can never be answered across the board. It is important that the video uses a second level. The times when it was enough to shoot the product in front of a beautiful background or just with a pretty model are over. Nobody wants to see such advertising anymore. Nowadays you have to develop concepts that are highly entertaining. Only by doing so you can catch the attention of the zombie-social-media-scroller and make him aware of your product.


Tell a story. It is no longer the trend to show pictures of your companies infrastructure for 20 minutes. The method that has particularly stood out here is called "Branded Entertainment". Basically, this is about telling a story that already works because of the story itself. Like a real movie. In the course of this story, the connection to your own company will be established at some point. It all sounds a bit abstract now, but it becomes more than concrete using the example of the famous Edeka Christmas spot.

After watching this spot, you will agree that there is hardly a more efficient tool for image advertising and brand awareness. Branded entertainment comes in all imaginable forms: starting with short videos, such as the example above, to short films - as Campari does it - to entire film or series productions that run on TV or on Netflix.


The viewer has become incredibly demanding lately. Even the supposedly authentic YouTubers now have a setup with professional lighting and several microphones. Hardly anything is made in the home video style, nobody looks at it anymore, because it is perceived as "bad" and no longer up to date. In order to meet the qualitative standards of the 20s of the 21st century, much more is required for a successful video than simply a good camera with someone who holds it. Rather, it comes down to things like the lighting, the scenography, the ability of the actors, the post-production and a sophisticated visual language.

As a company, you should definitely use videos in your marketing, but you should also think carefully about who you rely on in terms of the video production. It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd and always stay up to date.