Pre Production

The preproduction is based on the script. This is about organizing everything to provide a smooth shoot without any bad surprises.

One of the most important tasks during this phase is to put together the cast and crew. If the harmony in front of or behind the camera is not right, the result will not be as good as it could have been. In addition, each one has different qualities. Here it is the job of a good producer to know who to hire for which job.

It is also the phase in which the locations are scouted and the scene-setting elements are procured. Often, the location and the scenography are considered to be of little importance, although they are essential for the feeling to be conveyed. It is often the things that we subconsciously perceive that make the difference.

Other important decisions that are made in this phase relate to the optics on which you are shooting, the costumes, the mask, the lighting, and the preparation of a shooting schedule.