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Your Corporate Marketing Agency

Lime is a young all-service marketing agency based in South Tyrol. We develop your digital sales concept, produce your advertising content and take over your campaign management.

Lime | The Agency

“Lime” was launched in March 2020. We aim to make marketing for everyone. No matter whether it is a large company with hundreds of employees or a small family business.

We work both in the conception of the strategy and in the production of the content. That allows us to make sure that the cost-benefit ratio is correct and that the measures are in relation to the needs of our customers.

Marketing is an investment and not just lots of sound and fury. If marketing costs more than it earns, there is something wrong. We are concerned about the concrete economic success of our campaigns and are there to help you make the best possible use of digital marketing for your own profit optimization.

Our Credo | Fresh Stories

Good marketing means telling stories, conveying feelings and inspiring people.

That sounds pompous, but it isn’t. Good stories are often told with the simplest of means. Good stories move, good stories stick, good stories lead to marketing success.

We do marketing that people actually enjoy and don’t click away as quickly as possible.

How we work | for you!

We rely on long-term cooperation. Marketing has to be done long-term so that it really works. We don’t want flukes and lots of quick projects.

We work long-term and accurately on an overall concept. Detailed data on the performance of past campaigns, which accumulate over time, enable us to respond more precisely to the needs of your target group. The longer the cooperation lasts, the better the campaigns we develop with you get, the more congruent the line in communication gets.

Our work ethic: If we do something, we’ll do it right. If we work for you, then we’ll do it right.

Cross-platform marketing strategy

We develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Firstly, this means defining clear goals. What are the economical goals? What are the target times? What resources do you have and how can you make the most of it? Which platforms and what content makes sense to achieve your goals?

A marketing strategy is always a fact and number based forecast. How do we arrange the different campaigns so that they can further boost each other? How do we stay present in the long-term feed of our target group? To what extent can empirical values ​​be used to develop an accurate formula that can be applied to your average success?

Of course, a forecast is never 100% certain. Having a marketing strategy does not mean that the campaign will be successful and that we correctly assessed everything when we designed it. Therefore, it is imperative to adjust and refine the strategy over time.

Campaign management

Campaign management includes the organization and the ongoing analysis of campaigns. Successful campaign management is designed to extract the best possible value from your campaigns.

We create an editorial plan and a budget plan for campaign management. This way we keep an overview and can guarantee that every deadline will be matched.

We are continuously analyzing the campaign. We monitor the campaign’s performance on an almost daily basis. If the campaign has clear anomalies or if there are any trends we did not see coming, we will correct the campaign accordingly and achieve a better end-result.


How did your campaigns perform? What is the ratio to the previous month? Did the return on investment change?

We develop a performance-report on a monthly basis with the summary of all outcoming results, as well as a concept for further steps, which we will discuss in a personal meeting with you.